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ForYourAds is the cheapest and largest searchable database of ads in the world. Use our target audience filters to view ads around the world. Then you can Creat WINNING ADS by finding replicating what currently works on the best way to make money with ads!

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Why Social Ads & ForYourAds

Our software provides the fastest developing advertising on the internet.Find out the Business trends and check the most liked ads to save money on your tests on ads.Uncover thriving new products to make great marketing inspirations for yourself.Our constantly updated database of ads will be a MUST-HAVE TOOL for marketers.


Powerful Search

You have the full control to find exactly the ads you are looking for, segment the Social Ads based on ad keywords, URL, page name,audience's age,countries,date,the quantity of likes,type of media-whatever helps you find the information you want.

MASSIVE Constantly Updated data

In our software you can view the SUCCESSFUL ADS and HOT SALES around the world just with a few clicks. Our database is updated daily with the latest ads from 100+ countries


Ads Analysis

We can perfectly present the characteristics of the audience targeted by ads, including the location, gender, and age range of the audience. Analysis of successful advertising can help you create similar marketing

Bookmark Ads

You may come across some ads which you would like to monitor them performance, bookmark them with just a click, and they will be moved to your favorites. This feature makes your work more efficient

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Why I Recommend ForYourAds

Joseph Tanner
Product Manager

With this software, you can quickly find the advertising trends.You can find out which new advertisements and new products are popular.Even more amazing is that you can also see the advertising audience of your competitors, which will provide you great inspiration.And you can create valuable ads easily.

Spencer Mumin
Marketing Expert

This is the best and cheapest adspy on facebook I have ever used. I just wanted to have a little try at first.But now it has become a tool I must use every day for my work. It has saved a lot of time and money for me on testing products.

Lucas Owen
Marketing staff

I am working for an e-commerce company.ForYourAds shows a lot of great ads and helps me reach high ROI. Massive data and reasonable price are the reasons why I recommend it

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